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Be Smart Be Prepared First Aid Kit 326 Pieces

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Last updated on: May 29, 2023 6:19 am

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Be Smart Get Prepared is a top quality first aid kit made by the leading survival kit manufacturer in the US.

The most admirable feature about this kit is that it meets both ANSI and OSHA guidelines for 100 people as well as ANSI type I and type II requirements, so it is ideal for the above environments. This FDA approved kit comes with 326 comprehensive components, so it can handle all of your workplace, home, or outdoor mishaps. The whole package comes in a hard red case with multiple compartments to fit various first aid treatment products. It’s case is portable and can be mounted on a wall.

Be Smart Get Prepared kit is one of the most popular brands in the first aid kits and emergency preparedness industry. While you may have to pay slightly more than other kit models in the market, you should be confident that you will get a quality product that has been tried, tested, and trusted by many.

In general, the kit addresses the one of the most basic human needs: promoting safety and wellness.

Product Features

Compact and sturdy built

Since the kit has several vital pieces, the manufacturer packed all these items in a high density, sturdy, rugged and impact-resistant casing. Be Smart Get Prepared case measures 13x12x4 inches and can fold easily for easier storage.

Besides this, the easy slide latches allow you to secure the components inside the kit.

High quality

All Be Smart Get Prepared kits are manufactured in FDA approved facilities. This is a guarantee that the kits meet the highest safety standards for emergency first aid. Apart from being FDA approved, the kits also exceed the minimum standards as stipulated by both OSHA and ANSI guidelines for 100 people.

Multiple and well-arranged compartments

The kit has numerous and organized interior compartments to store the various components. The arrangement gives users an easier time to access the products during emergency situations. Additionally this, the upper part of the case is transparent, so you can see the kit’s content without the need to open it.

Comprehensive first aid products

This amazing kit is stocked with 326 first aid treatment products. The multi-purpose first aid kit contents can treat, protect, and clean among other emergency measures.

It includes:

  • bandages
  • tablets
  • pads
  • antiseptics
  • scissors
  • gloves
  • closure strips
  • English and Spanish Guides
  • other vital items

Refill order

The kit comes with a refill order, so whenever you exhaust some items, you can buy them separately instead of buying a completely new kit.

Fortunately, most of the treatment products in the package can be found in most retail stores across the county when you need to restock your essentials along with your emergency items.

No one wishes they’ll be caught in a situation where something goes wrong and you’ll need tending to, but with this kit by your side, you can feel safe that if something does go wrong, you’re going to be in a good position to deal with it.

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Last updated on: May 29, 2023 6:19 am


Last updated on: May 29, 2023 6:19 am