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Foxelli Headlamp Waterproof Flashlight

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Last updated on: March 25, 2023 8:18 pm

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40 - 165 lumens
3.2 Ounces
Power Efficiency
Up to 45 hours!
It's very affordable!


A survival, backpacking, emergency or exercising kit is not complete without a source of light.

While handheld flashlights are good illuminators, headlamps are even better because they free both of your hands for other activities; be it fixing the circuit box in the middle of the night, searching for an item by the campsite or riding your bike in the woods.

One headlamp model that is well worth your consideration is the Foxelli MX20 Headlamp Flashlight. Built to deliver visibility, this headlamp is rated IPX5 waterproof, meaning it is resistant to water jets, rain and splashes. That makes it perfect for outdoor activities and emergency situations that might force you to weather severely wet conditions.

The Foxelli MX20 Headlamp comes in several color options, including black, white, neon pink, neon yellow and blue. That gives you a variety of options to pick from depending on your personal tastes.

Regardless of your favorite color, the headlamp will offer some very beneficial features, including:

Adjustable brightness

With the MX20 you get the red and white lights, both of which have different brightness settings. The Cree-3W LED technology used accounts for its maximum brightness of 165 lumens. That is noteworthy when compared to the regular light we use in homes, and you can in fact use it to read while camping.

At that level of brightness the headlamp can throw a beam of light through 60 meters, providing a very clear field of view.

In case the maximum is too bright you can turn it down to 80 lumens. That is still enough to light up an area or throw a 35-meter beam. The minimum brightness of 40 lumens is perfect when you don’t need a lot of brightness and are keen on preserving the headlamp’s battery life.

The body tilts through a 45-degree angle, making it possible to change the beam’s focus without necessarily having to adjust the position of the headlamp on your head. There is an SOS mode that you can use to send distress signals in case of an emergency. That is part of the reason why this headlamp is a favorite among people who value reliable products in their time of need.

Power efficiency

You get up to 45 hours of battery life when the headlamp is not on maximum brightness. It uses a set of 3 AAA batteries, the first of which is provided with the package. It is advisable to have a few extra batteries by the headlamp or somewhere on your person every time you go out.


Another feature that makes the MX20 an excellent headlamp is its lightweight body. The whole lamp, together with the three batteries, weighs a mere 3.2 ounces. Pretty much anybody can use it comfortably regardless of their age.

Additionally, it is designed ergonomically and comes with an elastic head strap that offers a comfortable fit. You can wear it with glasses, certain helmets or long hair it its functionality or fit will not be affected at all.

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Last updated on: March 25, 2023 8:18 pm


Last updated on: March 25, 2023 8:18 pm