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LE Headlamp LED – 4 Modes Headlight


Last updated on: May 29, 2023 8:23 am


This headlamp from Lighting Ever makes a great pick if you are looking for a source of emergency or outdoor lighting. With a beam that spans up to 20+ feet, it can light up a room in case of a blackout or a campsite when you are out backpacking. It is also ideal if you enjoy exercising at dawn or dusk.

The light provided by the LE Headlamp is bright enough to use for reading. Plus you don’t need to plug it to a source of power for it to work. That makes it a very portable and convenient headlamp. It is fitted with elastic headbands for wearing on your head, making it a great hands free source of light. The package includes 3AAA alkaline batteries.

Here are some of its best features:

4 modes

You get three settings for white light and a red flashing light to make it a total of 4 lighting modes.

The white light settings are low, mid and bright; each of which powers 2 LEDs, 10 LEDs and 18 LEDs respectively.

The flashing red light is ideal for sending distress signals or indicating your location. You can turn it off any time.


The headlamp weighs 2.85 ounces. You won’t even feel the weight once you wear it on your head. The light weight also makes it good for everyone, including children and the aged.


You can adjust the head of the lamp through an angle of 90 degrees. That means you don’t have to turn the whole head gear in order to change the beam’s orientation, you can do that simply by turning the head itself. It will stay steady after positioning.

The lamp’s comfortable and elastic headband is adjustable too. It features two loop buckles for adjusting the tightness around and on top of your head. The headband’s maximum circumference is 21.6 inches while the minimum is 13.7 inches without stretching. Its elastic nature means it can stretch to fit a head of virtually any size.


It is IP44 rated, meaning it is water resistant for splashes and rain. You can use it in wet weather conditions.

Overall, the LE Headlamp is a versatile and affordable source of light for emergency and outdoor lighting. It is definitely worth adding to your emergency and survival kits for those days when normal lighting is not available or if you find yourself in need of a portable source of light.

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Last updated on: May 29, 2023 8:23 am


Last updated on: May 29, 2023 8:23 am