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Sustain Supply Co. Emergency Survival Kit for 2

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Last updated on: March 25, 2023 8:15 pm


Being a vigilant prepper means having an already prepared emergency survival kit. While going the DIY way and making your own kit is an option, chances are it won’t be nearly as compact and comprehensive as a professional, ready-made emergency survival bag.

That is why disaster management experts usually recommend purchasing a full kit. But not just any kit will do, it should have the most important things that can help you survive for at least 72 hours.

One of the best picks right now is the Sustain Supply Co. Premium Emergency Survival Bag/Kit.


Packed with critical items

The Premium Emergency Survival Bag/Kit from Sustain Supply contains all the items that you will need to survive in a crisis situation.


Top of the list is water. It is the most critical human need in a crisis scenario. With this kit you get 24 packets of clean Datrex emergency drinking water as well as a Sawyer Mini water filter that can cleanse up to 100,000 gallons of water to a perfectly healthy standard for drinking.

Since proper water management is key, the kit contains some bath wipes that you can use for sponge baths and effectively maintain hygiene while conserving drinking water.


Then of course you need to eat. The Premium Emergency Survival Bag/Kit has 12 servings of freeze-dried food from Mountain House, one of the best makers of emergency meals. You only need to heat the food to rehydrate it.

There’s a portable stove and two sets of utensils in the kit for that particular purpose and any other cooking needs.

First Aid Kit

Depending on the nature of the crisis, you may need to nurse some minor injuries and essentially keep yourself healthy enough to continue weathering the disaster.

The basic first aid kit packed in this bag will help with that. It contains all the essential supplies, including an emergency treatment guide, variety of bandages, cleansing wipes and aspirin among others.


The various lighting options included in this Premium Emergency go bag will come in handy if the crisis tampers with the power grid leading to a power outage or if you are forced to escape to an extremely remote location.

Specifically, you get a LED lantern for a brighter, wider illumination and a flashlight for smaller spectrum. They are both powered by batteries; AAA for the flashlight and AA for the lantern, be sure to stock on as many of those batteries as you can.

The included Cyalume SnapLights (total of 4) are perfect for sending distress signals or providing moderate light during darkness.

Heat and Fire

The kit’s two emergency blankets should be able to keep you warm and dry even in severely cold and wet weather. They are waterproof and also designed to prevent your body heat from escaping.

If you are in a position to start a fire but lack a lighter or matches you can still do so using the Ferrocerium rod or InstaFire (waterproof) tinder, both of which are included in the kit.

Protection and Signalling 

Finally, this Premium Emergency Survival Bag/Kit also comes with a MoraKniv knife and two whistles for tactical uses. You can use the knife for self-defence, to cut materials, break glass or even in cooking.

The whistles are worthy additions and will come in handy when you need to send a distress signal or scare away an attacker, be it a person or animal.

Sustainability kit for two (option for 4 available)

The food and water supplies packed in this kit can sustain two people for at least 72 hours.

It only makes sense since the first 3 days after a disaster are usually the most critical, stressful and life threatening.

You could buy more kits if you are a family person who is responsible for more than two people. It’s a good thing that except for the food and water, everything else is non-perishable. The food and water have a shelf life of 30 and 5 years respectively, which is on the higher end of conservation.


The bag measures 20 x 16 x 12 inches. It is well-sized for portability, and that is a very important consideration when you are shopping for an emergency go bag.

Overall, the Sustain Supply Co. Premium Emergency Survival Kit is a compact yet sufficient bag that can help you increase your chances of survival for 3 days and more following a crisis.

It’s even better that it has supplies for two, so you don’t have to worry about having to carry more than one bag if you are weathering the crisis in a pair.

The only thing you still need to remember is your important documents (like passports and IDs), some cash, and any prescription medication that you may be on.

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Last updated on: March 25, 2023 8:15 pm


Last updated on: March 25, 2023 8:15 pm