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Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp Pocket Knife


Last updated on: May 29, 2023 8:23 am

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Whether at home, camping or traveling by your car, there are some tools that you can’t afford to be with, for instance, a knife, a screw driver, a bottle opener or even a pair of scissors, among others.

One time you’ll need to cut a wire for a minor electric repair while next, you’ll need to open your drink bottle or cut fabric. Therefore, you’ll possibly need to use more than two items on average per day.

Carrying many of these items independently will not only make your pocket appear bulgy and your toolkit congested, but sometimes makes it difficult to trace and retrieve a tool quickly in case of an emergency.

Fortunately, Victorinox Swiss Champ has eradicated all these challenges by incorporating tens of commonly used tools to a single set.

For item opening, loosening or fastening purpose, it contains opening/fastening tools such as:

  • a screwdriver
  • can opener
  • a bottle opener with metal saw blades
  • scissors
  • wire cutter
  • wire crimper
  • and a wood saw

Just some of the cutting tools contained in this knife.

In case you want to write, the pressurized ballpoint pen from this toolset will serve the purpose while a magnifying lens comes in handy while reading materials with small fonts or viewing very tiny objects.

With a height of 1.3 inches, a weight of 6.526 ounces and a length of 3.58 inches, the pocket knife is light and comfortable to carry around.

Product features

33 unique functions

The pocket knife can perform a whopping 33 functions including:

  • cutting
  • opening
  • smoothening
  • joining
  • writing
  • fastening
  • measuring
  • magnification
  • scale fish
  • sewing of various items

For minor wire cutting works, the knife is equipped with a wire cutter and a pair of pliers while a metal saw, another component of this device, is important when you need to cut a metallic object.

For screw loosening or fastening, the knife offers you a small screwdriver, a large screwdriver, a fine screwdriver, a patented mini-screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver while a corkscrew and a bottle opener help you open corked bottles.

In case you want to open a sealed can, the knife also provides you with a can opener.

Other tools contained in this device include toothpick, wire crimper, fish scaler,  hook disgorger, pressurized ballpoint pen, chisel, hook, key ring, nail file, tweezers, wire stripper, rulers, nail cleaner, magnifying glass as well as a reamer, punch and a sewing awl.


Victorinox Swiss Champ is 3.58 inches long and its weight and height are 6.526 ounces and 1.3 inches, respectively.

With such size and weight, you can carry along this device easily and comfortably wherever you want to go. The knife fits well in your pocket and just a few people, if any, will be able to know that you are carrying it.

High-quality steel construction

The tools contained in Victorinox Swiss Champ are made of stainless steel, a material which is not only long lasting but also easy to sharpen and resists corrosion. So you know you’ll be able to count on your handy pocket knife for years and years.

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Last updated on: May 29, 2023 8:23 am


Last updated on: May 29, 2023 8:23 am