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Why You Need A Tactical Pen & Our Top Picks

How well can you defend yourself if you fall victim to an attack? No, really, seriously, what skills and weapons do you possess? And how many of those weapons can you walk around with comfortably regardless of where you are going?

Yes guns are one of the most popular choices, but what about strolling around into a restaurant, bank, or the airport with one? Do you shudder in annoyance at the thought of having to explain yourself, see the hints of doubts in other people’s eyes, or hate always needing to have your carry permit on hand?

The truth is, most of us who own guns don’t even carry them when we’re doing our daily routines. Some people don’t even carry them anywhere, they’re just tucked safely away in storage somewhere in the house or car. If you fall into this category, if your safety is every compromised, it’s going to take a few minutes to retrieve your gun, if you’re even by it.

Unfortunately, these few minutes might just be a few minutes too many when you’re under attack, or your family or children’s safety is under threat.  .

You want to be prepared for all situations, not just when you’re at home or by your car. Danger is everywhere. Remember, not all security threats will be home-based. In fact, most attackers will hit when you least expect. On the street, waiting at the ATM, these sort of situations. Hopefully you’ll never need to defend yourself, but you should be prepared at all times.

The solution? A little bit of self-defense skills or a weapon. Ideally both would be best to diffuse a life threatening situation quickly.

Now here’s the kicker, the most ideal self-defense weapon is not necessarily a big gun or sophisticated weapon. At times, you only need something as small as a tactical pen to protect yourself.

You know the old saying, the pen is mightier than the sword. Read on to find out why that’s still true today.


Why Tactical Pens Are Perfect Self-Defense Tools

Tactical pens are designed with your self-defense in mind. When you find yourself in a security-threatening situation, you can use these simple, sleek, simple gadgets to protect yourself. James Bond isn’t the only one who should have all the fun, nowadays, these tactical pens are available, and getting more popular to the general public. You probably know someone who has one or a few.

So what makes them great self-defense weapons?

1. They are made for self-defense

Unlike regular pens, tactical pens come with amazing self-defense features.

  • Lets start with the super sharp ballpoint tip of the pen. This is perfect to use against an attacker when the need arises. Combined with your strength and momentum of your body, this tip could do some serious damage to someone. Especially if you target soft areas like the abdomen or the attacker’s eye.
  • Secondly, they have incredibly strong blunt ends. This means you can use their super strong blunt end to break through glass or other materials. If you’re stuck between an attacker and window, glass door, or other barrier, use the pen to free yourself and flee from the attacker.
  • Thirdly, they are made of high-quality aluminum – the aircraft-grade type which gives them the ultimate body of a self-defense weapon. You won’t find a stronger or sturdier pen.
  • Lastly, some brands even go a step further and include additional features that might come in handy in a life threatening situation. For example, one that produces a very powerful beam of light for blinding an attacker. Some even have handcuff keys, just in case you are kidnapped.

2. They are easily portable

Most weapons, like guns, are really bulky to carry around, and in some places, they are completely outlawed so you can’t even take them everywhere. The same cannot be said for a tactical pen. It is a small gadget (pretty much like a normal pen) that you can simply throw in your pocket or purse and head right out the door and into any situation.

Carry your pen with you throughout the day and in any location. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you’re prepared for any situation without having to worry about what to wear, how to conceal your weapon, or someone accidently grabbing it and using it against you.

3. Easy to conceal

The element of surprise is usually very beneficial in a self-defense situation. If you can hit your attacker before they anticipate your move, you will definitely have an upper hand in the encounter because he/she will be disoriented and surprised.

This is where a tactical pen beats many other self-defense weapons. Its small size makes it very easy to clip in your pocket to forget when you don’t need it, or to grab it quickly if you ever do. If you do it carefully, the attacker won’t even see you reaching for it. Hold it in your hand without drawing any attention at all.

Hiding in plain sight is the thought that comes to mind here.

4. Doubles as an ordinary pen

The burning question is always if the pen also works. While some models are designed to be strictly self-defense weapons, others also act as normal pens for writing. You can use it to bash your attacker in the head and a few minutes later, sign a check. I mean, ideally you would call the local authorities first, but, the option is available.

There are many many additional reasons why tactical pens are great self-defense tools but those four should give you a little taste for just how valuable they can be. Make sure you’re choosing a pen that meets your security needs. While this sounds easy, it gets a little confusing with all the brands and options available on the market today.

Luckily for you, we have five of the best military-grade models that you can choose from.

The Top 5 Best Tactical Pens for Self-Defense

1. Smith and Wesson Military and Police Tactical Pen

Smith and Wesson is a weapon manufacturing company with a reputation for superb-quality weapons. So, if you come across this tactical pen, don’t question its self-defense abilities even for a second.

This brand name recognition is good and bad. On the plus side, you know you have a serious piece of weapon with you, and can rest easy. The bad thing, is that potential attackers, might recognize the brand as well, and you lose a little bit of the surprise factor we mentioned above.  This shouldn’t be too concerning though since it is very easy to conceal a tactical pen so with a little bit of practice. Your attacker will be none the wiser what’s waiting in store for him or her.

Main features

This tactical pen is a classic in both construction and features. Its seemingly simple design packs two things in one – a tactical pen and a blade. That is because the tip is modified such that you can also use it to slice an assailant.

Despite being made of aircraft-grade aluminum, it is light enough to carry in pretty much any pocket. But it is very strong and sturdy. You only need to apply a little pressure to break a glass or bash an attacker. It is also small and can fit in anyone’s hand comfortably but securely, for either men or women.

You can use it as an ordinary writing pen, and the manufacturer even throws in an ink cartridge in the package for that purpose. The fitted click cap switches the pen from normal writing to tactical functions.


It is well-sized for portability. The sleek and smooth design is so attractive that it might tempt you to show the pen off (which you definitely shouldn’t). The fact that it is designed for military and police use means that it has unquestionable quality when it comes to self-defense. Despite its amazing features, you can purchase this handy gadget at a very affordable rate.


As mentioned already, Smith and Wesson is a renowned weapons manufacturer, so if you don’t handle the pen with discretion, you might send a message to your assailant that you are armed with it. It is generally hard to protect yourself effectively when your attacker knows what to expect, but it also might warn off robbers or attackers. They usually want an easy score with the least resistance, if they see you’re prepared, they might be tempted to leave you alone.

2. Schrade Survival Tactical Fountain Pen

The fact that this pen looks a lot like an ordinary fountain pen might fool you into thinking that it doesn’t bring anything special to the table. That’s the whole point. However. Don’t be fooled, it has astonishing functionality.

In fact, it is a real weapon and you might be questioned if you’re passing through airport security with it.

Main features

One thing that will surely attract you to this tactical pen is its aesthetic design. It adapts a sleek, punk-like style that makes for a perfect gift for any occasion. After you’ve admired the beauty of the design, turn your attention to the tactical features that the pen packs.

It has a built-in glass breaker, a fire starter, a whistle and a replaceable ink cartridge. Just like any other tactical pen, it is made of high-grade aluminum metal; which kind of makes it a bit heavier than ordinary fountain pens. You will feel the added weight when you hold it but that is a good thing because it means you can use it to knock attackers and also break glass.

It comes with a strong and sturdy clip so you can secure the pen to your pocket without worry about it jumbling around in your pocket with your loose change or phone. This also makes it readily available to you, for whenever you might grab it quickly. When you are not using it to protect yourself, it has a fully functional tip with a ball that writes when the pen has ink.


The Schrade tactical pen is lightweight, very sleek, and elegant.  Feel free to use it for normal writing purposed but know that it transforms into a deadly weapon when the need arises. Its hard body makes it great for hitting and knocking while the added accessories like a fire starter and whistle are lifesavers for outdoor enthusiasts.


Although its slightly heavier frame is a good thing, it might take some time for you to get used to it, especially if you also use it for writing. Some users complain that the cap sometimes gets unscrewed when the pen is in the pocket. This is a very rare complaint. More commonly, some users comment on the length of the pen. While a longer pen gives you more grip and power, it can take a little bit of adjustment when carrying it around in the beginning.

All in all, when it comes to tactical functions, it is undoubtedly among the market leaders.

3. Surefire Pen IV Tactical Pen

If you want a well-balanced tactical pen that doesn’t compromise its writing features for its tactical function or vice-versa, then this is the perfect one for you. If you have never owned or had an experience with the Surefire, you won’t even know that it is a tactical pen simply by looking at it.

This pen may be discrete but its self-defense abilities are unquestionable. It is so deadly that it will be confiscated if you take it into an airport. However, it’s a great piece to keep in the car, office, and home.

Main features

The pen’s sleek design is a sure eye-catcher. But what makes it a great tactical pen is that it’s made of rugged aerospace aluminum with an anodized finish. This combination makes its body strong enough to break glass surfaces or cause real harm to a person when you hit them with it.

Given the material, this pen is fairly heavy and will take some time to get used to carrying it around. But the clipper that comes with it should make it easy. Go ahead and clip it in your pocket and forget that it exists. That is until you meet a bad guy that needs some talking to.

The pen doesn’t normally come with a cap, something that some customers claim leads to the pen unscrewing and spilling ink. But you can easily request a cap from the manufacturer and it will be delivered to you. The good thing is that the package comes with a hassle-free warranty as a mark of quality.

As far as writing goes, this pen features an easyFlow 9000 ballpoint for efficient writing.


This Surefire pen is superbly designed to use for writing as well as self-defense. There is hardly any other tactical pen that can match its balance in these two functions. It also comes with a sleek, stylish design that is not typical with tactical pens. This attention to detail adds to its self-defense qualities because it is easy to conceal. In addition, it is very durable and won’t break even after a very hard impact.


The one weakness of this tactical pen is that it’s one of the more expensive models. It costs almost double as much as most other models in the market today, but of course the high cost also comes with superior tactical features. If you have the money to buy a quality piece of equipment that can be used to protect yourself and your family, this is the top choice.

4. Boker Plus Titanium Tactical Pen

The Boker Plus Titanium is another solid tactical pen, that is fairly priced, but packs a whole range of handy features for your self-defense. Its small size makes it very easy to carry around and it’s blunt tip will have other people convinced it’s just a normal everyday pen, not a weapon.

In fact, it is one of the few tactical pens that can pass through security checks, including airport security. But just because it passed through security, don’t worry, it can still cause real harm to an assailant when used as a weapon.

Main features

For starters, this tactical pen is super easy to handle. It is small enough to offer a good grip regardless of whether you are a man, woman, or child. This design also makes it easy to conceal because it can fit in pretty much any pocket.

Additionally, the tip of the pen is blunted so that it doesn’t damage your pocket. So, while the pen can seriously harm someone, it cannot cause life threatening injuries (which is a good thing for you not to have to worry about).

The construction features a titanium body with an impressive matte finish that enhances your grip. Its flat head makes it easy for you to rest your thumb against the pen when using the pen for impact purposes like stabbing or smashing.

When it comes to writing, this pen functions normally and is very comfortable in your hand. It uses normal ink, so you don’t have to worry about ordering special ink every time your supply runs dry.


The best thing about the Boker Plus Titanium tactical pen is that technically, it isn’t a weapon, therefore it won’t be confiscated in security checks. Furthermore, it is very comfortable in the hand because of its great body as well as the matte finish and you have yourself a perfect pen for both writing and self-defense. The blunted tip not only makes it safe to carry but also ensures that it is adequately dangerous when used against an attacker.


Some people don’t like its relatively small size (compared to other tactical pens) but if that doesn’t concern you, then it is a great investment. The size could actually even be considered a pro for people with small hands. It is a top pick among many women.

  1. Columbia River Knife and Tool Williams Tactical Pen 

At its price, the Columbia River Knife and Tool Williams Tactical Pen is a bargain that you definitely don’t want to miss. Designed by ex-army officer, James Williams (by the way he was also a martial arts instructor so he knows exactly what he is doing), the pen combines amazing functionality with a stylish body and finish to offer one stunning, affordable package for writing and self-defense.

Main features

This futuristic offering features an aluminum body that is anodized for more strength and durability. In addition, the body is tapered, this allows you to get a firmer grip when using it; whether for writing or self-defense.

This model offers the best of both worlds, so don’t hesitate to make this your top pick if you want a pen for writing and protection. One notable tactical feature is its very pointed tip that can inflict very serious wounds on an assailant, helping you get away and stopping them in their tracks. That means you will definitely feel safer when you have this in your pocket or purse.


This pen excels in ergonomics probably more than anything else. Apart from offering a very firm grip, it fits almost any hand and pocket perfectly. On top of that, it is discrete and won’t send off any warning signs that it is a tactical weapon; which is the whole point of tactical pens by the way.


The one complaint about the pen is that its cap gets a little loosened over long periods of time. That might be a slight problem but it doesn’t really affect the overall functionality in both writing and self-defense abilities. The best way to avoid this is to use the pen in extreme situations, and pick up another pen for your normal everyday writing needs.

Summary and Tips on The Best Ways To Use Tactical Pens

The world is an unstable place, but that doesn’t mean you should have to live your life in fear or walk around all day on edge. At the same time, it’s always good to be prepared, and if you’re every under attack or if your safety is in danger, having something as small, portable, and efficient as a tactical pen can really mean the difference between being hurt or not. 

Along with keeping your pen ready, some simple tips are to look assertive, even if you don’t feel completely sure of yourself in that moment. When you look intimidated, your attacker will figure that you are an easy target and that will boost their confidence, something you definitely don’t need in that situation.


Secondly, if you can’t run away from the scene of danger (which is the preferable option), then try looking for an opportunity to strike. If your attacker is coming at you aggressively, you can duck and turn away from their punches to destabilize them, throw them off balance, and then hit back. When you hit, make it hard and fast. Usually repeated strikes, to the same spot, or multiple soft spots do the most harm.

If you can, try to hit your attacker in their soft spots. These will cause more damage and slow them down quicker than if you hit them somewhere else. Target places like the abdomen, chest area, face, and eyes. Depending on the type of pen that you have, you might want be able to use the blade to cut through skin as well, in-between stabbing them.

Once your attacker is down, run!

Run as fast and as far as possible, preferably somewhere where you can get help. A public facility like a restaurant or a police station is a perfect choice. Always remember to head toward other people and more populated areas. Do not run into the darkness, or remote areas if possible.

Take the advice above into consideration, but the most important piece of advice is simply to avoid crime-prone areas as much as you can. If you can keep yourself out of a bad situation, you’re already practicing a form of self-defense.

It’s great to be prepared, and you definitely should be, but if you can avoid a dangerous situation completely, that is always going to be the best choice. When you can’t, keep your eye on your attacker, and reach for your pen.

Heres a little bonus fun for making it all the way through!

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